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Could that nagging low back pain go away on it's own?

Posted: November 7, 2012
By: Dr Jean-Marc Slak

Three recent articles weave a compelling understanding of the progression of low back pain, it's long term outcome, management and resolution.

First, low back pain tends to reoccur.  Again and again.  It gets progressively worse until it becomes constant and permanent.  That is really bad.

Enlightened individuals seek chiropractic care and enjoy long lasting improvement and relief.  But the recurring nature of low back pain mandates a long term management strategy.  The third article shows that the minimal effective frequency for maintenance adjustment is every 2-4 weeks.

Cheers!  Now you know what to do and I look forward to seeing you!

Here is the video and the links to the articles.


Dr. Jean-Marc Slak

Does stress warp your nerves?

Posted: July 25, 2012
By: Dr Jean-Marc Slak

Stress tensed and warps your nervous system.  That's the simple part.  The disrupted nerves reduce organ function and immunity.  Soon you just can't perform.  Worse you start hurting and getting sick more often.

What to do about that?

The answer is elegant: remove the crimps applied by stress on your nervous system and feel you body bloom.  That's what happens when you get adjusted.

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